Crowns and Bridges

Crowns and BridgesMake no mistake – crowns do rejuvenate smiles. A lot of life can happen to a person over the years, and some of it can definitely show up in your smile. Teeth can weaken due to cavities, root canal treatment, and unexpected trauma like a sports injury or accident. Sometimes old restorations can deteriorate. The great news is that today’s crowns and bridges can be very effective in restoring the function that you have been missing. Crowns and bridges also prevent the shifting of teeth, correct bite problems, and improve the appearance of damaged or missing teeth.

Dental Crowns, or “caps” are an attractive time-tested option to cover, strengthen, and protect teeth that have been severely damaged. They can be made of gold, silver, or other metals; but technology now allows us to use materials that look like your natural tooth enamel yet create a strong, long-lasting restoration. Beautiful translucent materials like porcelains and ceramics are strong enough to withstand natural biting pressure and they resist staining, chipping and cracking.

When there is an actual gap that needs closing, crowns are combined with an appliance called a BRIDGE. In a recent study published in the Journal of the American Dental Association, dental bridges were shown to dramatically reduce the risk of losing teeth that are adjacent to a missing tooth. In addition, dental bridges restore function and can help keep your jaw and face from changing shape, as they tend to do when teeth are missing. With a bridge, crowns are placed on the teeth that are on either side of the space, and artificial teeth are attached to them to bridge the gap. Because there are no visible clasps, stable fixed bridges look and feel like your own natural teeth. No one would know there were ever any teeth missing.

The length of time a dental crowns or bridges can last depends on the integrity of the tooth structure restored and how well the patient takes care of them. A well-maintained restoration can last many, many years.

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