Extractions ChattanoogadentalcareEven though our goal for you is to maintain healthy teeth and gums, there are a number of reasons why you might need to have a tooth, or even several teeth, extracted.

  • Broken, cracked or extensively decayed teeth – We hate to see it happen; but sometimes a patient presents with a tooth that is damaged to the point that repair is just not possible. Other times the outlook for the success of a treatment is not good. In such cases, extracting the tooth is considered the most reasonable solution.
  • Advanced Periodontal Disease – As periodontal disease progresses, bacteria destroys the bone that supports the teeth. In those cases where significant bone damage has occurred, teeth become mobile and an extraction may be the only option.
  • Orthodontic treatment (Braces) – With orthodontic treatment, the dentist is trying to change the alignment of the patient’s teeth but they can only do so within the confines of the size of the person’s mouth. In those cases where a large discrepancy exists between the size of the patient’s mouth and the needed space required for the improved alignment of their teeth, some strategically located teeth may need to be extracted.

What should you know about tooth extraction?

When a tooth is removed, its neighboring teeth will tend to shift, sometimes significantly. Any alignment changes that do occur can have a major impact on your dental health. Removing even a single tooth can lead to problems associated with chewing ability or jaw joint function. Additionally, teeth whose alignment has changed can become traps for food or be harder to clean thoroughly, thus placing them at greater risk for tooth decay and gum disease.

To avoid these types of complications, in most cases the doctor will probably recommend that you restore function by placing an implant, a partial, bridge, or dentures.

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