Lasers DentistryChances are that you or a family member may be considering laser dental treatment.  Because Dr. Major is interested in keeping up with the latest trends in treatment and minimizing discomfort, we have added two new lasers to our practice.  They are DEKA CO2  lasers which are used for many soft-tissue procedures such as treatment of periodontal disease and apthous ulcers, implant placement, sterilizing infected root canals and much more.

In the hands of a skilled, specially trained dentist such as Dr. Major, lasers are quite safe.  In fact, the primary safety measure necessary during laser treatment is proper protective eyewear.  The great thing about these lasers is that procedures are performed more quickly and patients are much more comfortable both during and after the treatment.  We can also prevent many patients from needing expensive surgeries with the use of the CO2 laser.

We have found most patients to be very pleased with the results and, if the need arises, we are sure you will be pleased also. If you need laser dental treatment in Chattanooga or Hamilton County, call us today.